Obesity is Trending

      In today’s day and age, obesity is on the rise in our society because food is becoming less nutritious, while on the other hand, physical activity is becoming more optional. Obesity is a medical condition in which a person’s overall body weight is greater than what is considered healthy. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 34% of adults and 17% of children in America are obese. There are many factors that can contribute to this deadly epidemic, and some of them are uncontrollable to us.

     When we hear the word obesity, we think of food and weight. Obesity results when the body stores excess energy in the form of fat tissue. This excess energy develops when a person eats more food than they are willing to burn off. Nowadays, overeating is very easy and obesity has become a norm in society. Americans need to realize that this condition is one of the most preventable causes of deaths worldwide. Our country isn’t just a developed country, it is over developed, and that has proven to become a huge problem. The increasing trends in technology and our reliance on it, including everything from automobiles to microwaves, has allowed Americans to do more while using less physical energy.

     We live in a culture that centers itself around food and that has made a tremendous impact on this deadly epidemic. One type of food in particular, fast food, has been transforming the nation’s diet and economy for quite a few years. Because of the tons of fast food chains in America, whenever we feel hungry, whether it is two in the afternoon or two in the morning, we could easily pick up the phone and order a pizza or drive a few minutes to grab some burgers. The growing evidence of a link between poor health and fast food has even driven some people to take action against the fast-food industry. That has also led to a new trend in which consumers are blaming and suing fast food restaurants for making them obese! Isn’t that crazy? In my opinion, eating fast food and deciding not to exercise is a personal choice.

     Since obesity is particularly prevalent among the poorer segments of the nation’s population, some health experts suggest that food-stamp usage contributes to obesity. The food-stamp program acts as a safety net to prevent millions from going hungry, especially during economic downturns. Nonetheless, the policy remains highly controversial. Government programs to fight obesity thus far have not been enough to lower the dramatic rise of obesity and obesity-related diseases among Americans.

     Different people have different stress levels and their personal situations may affect their diets. It could possibly be much of the pressure that people feel in order to succeed that leads to obesity. Stress happens to many people, and they eat on the run as they go from one duty to another. People who are stressed often use food around them as a comfort. They may make decisions based on their environment or community. Genetics may also increase the risk of personal weight gain. However, genes alone may not determine whether a person will become obese. Other factors play key roles that lead to improper dieting and little to no physical activity.

     Ultimately, obesity is not a good trend, and although it may be hereditary, we should still take steps to better our health. If we try to stop this trend, we may be able to stop other harmful trends, such as bullying, and start positive ones, such as exercising and eating healthy. In an advanced culture like ours, with gyms that are open 24/7 and useful tips that could be found online at any time, staying fit and healthy should be easier than ever! This terrifying epidemic can be worked on and eventually disappear, all we need to do is make the right choices.


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